Friday, March 7, 2014

TWD: Buttermilk Scones

These blew me away.  Seriously.  I only knew scones as sad dry pucks of dough that needed good coffee or tea to . After the kids and I made the Irish soda bread and loved it, I should have had a clue but I was still so surprised. These came out so light and flaky and we loved the lemon peel. Only one revision I would make next time would be to add less sugar in the dough. While I didn't think they were overly sweet my husband thought they were just slightly so. Blueberries would be extraordinary in these!

TWD: Vanilla Chiffon Roll

This is one of those recipes I wish I had saved for a holiday. It was time consuming but totally worth it. I used a good quality vanilla which made the taste perfectly balanced but I was disappointed with the color of the cake.  I would have liked there to be a greater contrast between the color of the cake and the mousse.  I also think that I overfilled the roll with mousse and would have gotten a more defined pinwheel look if I had used a little bit less. And I could have had a substantial dessert with my dessert! The walnuts added a liqueur essence to the mousse; my husband and I loved it but the kids were not as big of fans. I might actually make that mousse on its own.  The kids loved the cake and wanted to just have it on its own or with strawberries.  We started to daydream about making the chiffon cake in replace of shortcake in June with berries.