Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TWD: Boca Negra

This dessert reminded me of those wonderfully rich Best-Ever Brownies we made not too long ago.  It is rare that I meet a sweet that is so rich and chocolaty that I can only have a small slice.  

Sarah and I had considerable trouble incorporating the butter. The butter simply may not have been completely room temperature. We ended up melting the butter and it was much easier.

We probably should have used the food processor method but we got our exercise instead.

Like many of our fellow bakers, we cooked the cake for longer than the 30 minutes; our went for about 15 minutes longer in fact.

I was close to sure that this would not come out of the pan and miraculously it did.

We let this sit at room temperature until the next evening when we had our slices.

Like the best-ever brownies, this dessert was not for the kids. It was simply too rich and dark chocolaty...for them.  My husband and I agreed that the white chocolate cream was more than this dessert needed.  Something more subtle and light would have worked. But the cake itself was divine and wonderful.  A very small slice is all you need.

Broad Brook Bakers

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TWD: Foccacia

I’m so late to complete this post!  Last weekend, I did not read the recipe thoroughly enough so I did not realize that the dough needed 24-36 hours in the refrigerator.  So Sarah and I ended up making the dough on Sunday during the day with the plan to bake Monday night.  After getting out of work late and rushing home, Jason so kindly brought both Nate and Sarah to Sarah’s basketball practice while I baked the Focaccias.  We had a wonderful dinner when they got home.  I was scheduled to leave for a business trip to Florida the next morning.  Because of the distraction of packing I only was able to begin my draft post by placing the photos.  As I got on the plane on Tuesday, I thought to myself, I’ll get to that post this week.  Well unfortunately that did not happen.  My flight was cancelled on Friday back to Connecticut due to the Blizzard that left two feet of snow back home. Still no post.  Well without further adieu , here it is.

I took half of the dough and made a focaccia deep dish pizza using a stone pizza pan. This company Sassafras makes them and also loaf pans that work wonderfully.  I poured a generous amount of olive oil on the bottom of the pan which resulted in a wonderfully crunchy crust around the edge of the pizza. I took canned whole San Marzano tomatoes and squeezed them in my hand and placed on the dough.  I also added Penzey’s Pizza herbs, mozzarella cheese and a bit more olive oil.  It was fantastic.  We took the other half of the dough and make small pizzas cooked directly on our Stoughton Steel.

Broad Brook Baker