Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TWD Lemon Loaf Cake

TWD Lemon Loaf Cake

What a great and pretty simple recipe. We decided to make this a week ahead so that we could enjoy for Easter.

There she is the pint-size broad brook baker.  She has her favorite food in her hand...butter!

We have a new microwave.  I might have commented on this before but I was so pleased that the butter melted and did not turn into molten lava.

Action shot.  Sarah loves to stir with the big whisk. The smell of lemons was wonderful.  I was a bit worried that without the lemon juice it might not be as lemony as I like. But alas I was not disappointed, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I noticed that the baking took longer than the time listed on the recipe.  I may have baked for slightly too long but regardless I think my oven took a bit longer.  We made this loaf on Saturday and put it on the counter until we served on Sunday.  I think the day of it sitting did some good.

We served with berries, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.  My mom commented that it was a wonderfully, almost "light" dessert, after a big Easter afternoon meal. This really is a delicate version of a pound cake.

I can't wait for May; I've been eyeing that Hungarian Shortbread recipe for quite some time.  Until then!

Christina and Sarah signing off.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TWD: Pizza Rustica

TWD: Pizza Rustica

It was a treat to have a savory dish this week.  I invited my mom and brother over for Sunday brunch. Brunch is one of my favorite kind of meals.  Breakfast and lunch together - sweet and savory.  And you can get away with wine before noon!

Sarah and I made the dough on Saturday; it was simple to prepare in the food processor. When we were ready on Sunday to get started we left the dough on the counter for a few minutes before rolling out.  

Divide the dough into two pieces, one twice as large as the other.  After reading this instruction about 10 times and having both my daughter (5) and son (7) ask why I was staring at the book, I continued to contemplate.  How about Divide the dough in thirds, I say! My husband, the math and computer geek, was baffled by my annoyance in these instructions.

I've not met any dish or dessert that called for ricotta that I did not like. It looks so pretty with parsley.

There's my Baking with Julia in the background.

I have a box down in the basement that holds all those random cooking utensils that you only need like once a year.  In my stash, I found a cutter that makes a scalloped edge.  It was not so evident after it was baked but looks pretty cool here.

Next time we make this, and there will be a next time, I will make earlier in the morning.  It was better fully cooled. The crust is sweet and crispy and the filling is creamy and salty.  We paired it with a salad made with romaine greens and dressed with a white peach balsamic dressing (homemade.) The white balsamic vinegar is from a cooking supply store in Portsmouth, New Hampshire called Le Roux.  This place is amazing.  But I digress...

I also had a glass of pinot grigio with it. The wine cut the creaminess nicely.

I think I'll get another slice.

Broad Brook Baker Sarah loved the crust.  Nathan was not inclined to try but Jason had two slices! Big thumbs up from Baci (my mom) and Uncle Jon.

Looking forward to Lemon Load Cake.