Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TWD: Tomato Galette

There are a few recipes in Baking with Julia that I've gone back to again and again.  This is one of them.  

The dough is fantastic, those tablespoons of sour cream and the corn meal make it so unique. The texture is lovely. It is a complete must in my opinion to put the dough in the refrigerator overnight. 

I will make this again with native tomatoes but I did already have fresh basil from our garden.

I like the combination of the mozzarella with cheddar. We had this galette with steak for Father's Day dinner.  It was fantastic together. 

Broad Brook Baker

TWD: Savarin

This was a very interesting recipe and I ended up having a lot of fun with it.  The dough seemed so thin and I was rather perplexed how this was going to work out.  

I do not have a ring mold and the mold that I was going to use I could not get clean enough!  So I opted to do individual savarins using a muffin pan.  I was inspired by those diminutive sponge cakes that they always have displayed with strawberries this time of year.

I took two cups of frozen strawberries, blended well and then added a half cup of sugar and cooked to make the less-than-just-simple-syrup.

I soaked the cake well with the syrup and plated with strawberries and whipped cream.

This was truly a hit with the family.  My husband especially who  loved the texture of the cake and how it was not overly sweet.

Happy Spring!  (at least for a few more days!)

Broad Brook Baker