Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TWD: Bagels

Knowing that this past weekend was going to be a busy one, Sarah and I worked on the dough for the bagels on Thursday evening.  There was plenty of time to rise for the one hour and then I placed into the refrigerator for it's two and a half day rest.

We bought high-gluten flour from King Arthur Flour. We didn't add the pepper to the dough because I was thinking we might make a few cinnamon ones, which we did end of doing.

As with every yeast bread, I had to stop Sarah from pinching too many bites of the dough.

First rise at room temperature.

The dough rose substantially in the refrigerator by the time we were ready for the second half of the project on Sunday.  The dough had a wonderful texture and was easy to work with.  The first batch, Sarah and I shaped into the rings and the second batch we had help from two of our wonderful neighbor friends.

Boiling was the most fun.  So easy! And they really expanded in the water.

Sarah's friend, La'Shion helped sprinkle the poppy seeds on some of the bagels.

Baked, yummy, chewy goodness.

I sliced up a few and we ate right away.

The next day we sliced some up and ate out of the toaster.  

I think bagels are well-worth the time spent to make home-made.  I strongly suggested others to splurge on the high-gluten flour. Not sure if I can eat a Dunkin Donuts bagel ever again.  Simply not worth the calories in comparison to this recipe.

Look out for our re-wind recipe near Halloween.

Until next time,

Broad Brook Bakers


  1. Nice! I admit, as a child, I used to sneak dough pinches whenever my mother baked bready things. Sometimes I still do! ;) I didn't have any high-gluten flour this time around, but I think I'll splurge on it next time. Your bagels are just lovely!

  2. I'm a dough girl myself! I'll make chocolate chip cookie dough just to eat and not bake! Nice job on the bagels.

  3. It was really a great experience to bake bagels... The whole process was new to me and I loved it...particularly the result: so yummy!
    You had a team helping you and I can see it on Sarah's cute expression, that she loved helping....Your bagels looks great!