Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TWD: Best Ever Brownies

We started out with fine Guittard chocolate. I used some of the chocolate from the first recipe (the chocolate truffle tartlets from back in February.)

Lots of sugar. It does call for unsweetened chocolate so you have to make it sweet.

Lots of butter.  The chocolate smelled so good as it was being melted.  

Sarah had her first sleep over the night before, one of her neighborhood friends.  The two of them helped me put these together.

The eggs were somewhat of a challenge to fold into the chocolate.  

The recipe was very forgiving; I was not very gentle in my folding technique.

I had to try them (almost) right out of the oven.  The inside was like chocolate lava cake - gooey, wonderful....

I cut the brownies in small rectangles and shared with the neighbors.  These are rich and delicious.  Brownies from a box have their place but if you want - decadence -  here it is.

The next day we heated the brownies up in the microwave for 20 seconds and had ice cream on the side - I paired it with coffee.  Not a dessert I could eat every day but a real treat. If making specifically for kids, I would use less "sophisticated" chocolate.  The younger folks liked these but for my daughter in particular, these were almost too rich.

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Tuesdays with Dorie friends!

 - Broad Brook Bakers


  1. They cerainy were a rich brownie, weren't they? But they did go really well with ice cream! Yours look great, with the crackly crust and the gooey insides. Nice job!

  2. They did go great with ice cream! But definitely not something you could eat often.

  3. It was a little too gooey for me but glad you liked it! Definitely a treat once in a while.

  4. How fun to spend your first sleepover baking brownies! It will probably be the talk of the town! The photo with the ice cream looks delicious.

  5. Decadence is a good word to describe these brownies.

  6. Yup - these brownies were perfect with ice cream.
    My Sarah likes to help make brownies too (except she's 18 - and then runs off with the whole batch on her way to where ever she's going... :-) )