Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TWD: County Bread

This was an easy recipe for a busy long weekend. I made the sponge quickly on Saturday night and put in the refrigerator overnight and most of the next day.  This smelled divine out of the oven.  I could not wait until it was fully cooled to cut into it. The texture and yeast aroma was wonderful.  Next time I would just do the wheat and bread flour. Because I left the sponge overnight and more, I got a fabulous sourdough taste.  I thought the small amount of rye was more distracting to the sourdough and hearty wheat chewiness then a great addition.

After two basketball games, grocery shopping, a visit to my mom and three loads of laundry I was ready to put this together with Sarah during the Patriots Colts playoff game. My stand mixer did all the work and it went to rise again.

Miraculously I had one of those bread baskets the recipe called for.  My and my husband's obsession with King Arthur Flour store pays off again.

The dough was wonderful and easy to work with.  I easily turned over on top of the peel. Next time, I will not slash so deeply; the baking razor that I have works too well!

I baked it on my stoneware deep dish pizza pan.

I love how the flour from the bread basket stayed even after baking.

Was even better toasted the next day!


  1. Looks delicious! I just may have to get one of those bannetons. I love the design it leaves on the bread.

  2. Very nice! I love the banneton impression on the bread.

  3. totally agree about the rye. And the longer rising time. I'll try this again with those changes.