Sunday, January 13, 2013

TWD: Pizza with Onion Confit

Take two.  For anyone who did not read our post from last time, we made the wrong recipe. I'm glad that we went ahead to make this pizza. The sponge and dough had a great yeasty smell.  Sarah tried the sponge and asked me if there was lemon juice in it.  It had a wonderful almost sourdough taste; it also smelled like when we make homemade beer. God, I love making bread.

Jason is usually the pizza maker in the family.  It was a great switch for me and the kids to be in charge.

Sarah made her pizza with pepperoni and mushroom; her secret is putting most the cheese under the toppings and then only a little on top.  Nathan's recipe has double cheese with extra seasoning.

Instead of the onion confit (which did not appeal this weekend probably because I made it last weekend for the Onion Tart) I used thinly sliced onion.  I added chopped herb de Provence olives, goat cheese, and mozzarella cheese.

I loved the texture of the crust.  It was chewy and delicate.  NY style crust it was not but there is a huge role for this kind of pizza crust in my life.

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  1. I'm not a fan of pepperoni, but boy does that look good! My other half would love this. I may just have to make it for him.

  2. Pepperoni is my fav topping for pizza...great photos!


  3. Your little sous chef is darling- how nice to have a kitchen assistant! Your pizzas look delicious!

  4. The Dude doesn't consider it a pizza if there isn't pepperoni on it :-)
    Kudos for catching up!