Monday, December 30, 2013

TWD: X - Cookies

Broad Brook Bakers have been absent for a while. We've been doing some of the recipes but I've had a difficult last quarter of 2013 in terms of work/life balance.  Enjoy the next few back to back blog entries (they may seem more like twitter posts!)...we've made up some ground and hope to take the rest of the break to fully catch up. 

We did these together back in October.  The kids were not crazy about the ingredients for the filling so we used poppyseed. 

The kids loved making these but thought they were rather plain. I felt the same although they were tasty with a cup of Earl Gray tea.


  1. I agree, fun to make, but lacking flavor.

  2. We liked these, but next time I would probably skip the X part and make them more like a big fig newton :-)